ARTWEN Risk Consulting & Training

Artwen Risk Consulting & Training provide a range of services relating to Health Security Safety and Environmental. (MHSA and OHS Act) as well as needed training on OHS and MHSA.

Facilitator/Assessor/Moderator service

Safety System design and implementation

Consulting services to mines/factories and any business

All related training.

Security A B C D E certificate training

About us

Section 8 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act compels an employer to provide and maintain a working environment that is safe and without risk to the health of his employees. We are totally independent risk consultants that can ensure that your Company complies with all aspects of the MHSA & O H S Act.

We offer practical experience as we have been consulting for instance, the 94.5 MW solar panel construction site situated at the Paardevlei farm in De Aar, Northern Cape, South Africa. We perform incident investigations/we assist with all SHE documentation/a management policy/diagnostic reviews/risk assessments (prior to operation commencing as well as continuous assessments during operations/COID advice (claims and documentation)/advice on the MHSA and OHS Act/management system development and implementation/excellent housekeeping/inductions/safety signage/first aid medical station as well as occupational health tests.

We also offer polygraph testing, which is an excellent investigative tool during complex incident investigations/criminal investigations as well as for the screening of candidates to be employed in critical important on- site positions. We also have the ability to source skilled personnel. Our edge is our expertise, quality of service and ability to promote and enhance performance in the workplace. We provide services on an outcome based manner, we focus on your needs and provide our clients with sufficient resources that is sustainable and cost effective.

We are situated in Steelpoort- Limpopo,  Velddrift, Western Cape, Postmasburg – Northern Cape – and also have a person providing services in De Aar and surroundings in the Northern Cape.

Northern Cape: Andre Botha, +27(0)74 914 2069 HSE and Polygraphs  

Vision statement

To assist in ensuring zero fatalities, zero incidents, and zero environmental contraventions for all our clients in the workplace by implementing and training

Mission statement 

Artwen will empower all our clients to provide and maintain, as far as is reasonably practicable, a working environment that is safe and without risk to the health of his/her employees and also for the employer.

Company values

We recognise each and every employee’s right to operating in a healthy and safe working environment. Employers can obtain this by strategic planning. This planning will consist of operations planning which will include the details and activities needed to obtain this short-term goal as well as long range planning in order to prepare for the future.        

We offer the following Consulting Services:

Occupational health, safety and environment

The following must be kept in mind when dealing with these issues:

Sections 8, 9, 14 and 16 of the O H S Act

Your Company will benefit as follows;

Implementation of a Safety System from scratch.

Totally independent risk management

Diagnostic Review

Situational Assessment

Risk Assessment

Management System Development

Management System Implementation

Management System Optimisation

Management System Integration

Advice on the OHS Act /MHSA Act

Advice on COID / Help with claims

SHE Management policy

SHE Documentation system

Excellent Housekeeping

Advice on Ergonomics

Independent inspections and investigations

Stacking and Storing

Safety Health and Environmental Documentation:

(These documents will be completed, updated and copied to you by us)

Health and Safety File.

Compensation claims


PPE Registers

Ladder and slings register

OHS / MHSA ACT appointments

Contractor screening


Housekeeping register

Portable tool register

Register for lifting equipment

Safety signs

Scaffold register

Occupational Health tests

Related training

Health and safety officer

An onsite, properly qualified Health and Safety Officer will be placed by us for all your Company


We screen all new applicants and contractors, to make sure that they are properly qualified for the function/s you need them for.

We verify Criminal records, ID, Addresses, qualifications and experience.

Polygraphs and commercial investigations

]Our polygraph examiner has 20 years of experience conducting polygraph tests. He is an ex detective Captain having served for 23 years in the South African Police. He was trained by the Argenbright International Institute of Polygraph situated in Atlanta. He has conducted numerous investigations during his career and also renders evidence at disciplinary hearings, the C C MA as well as in criminal courts.

Project management

We have experienced Project Managers available.

Surface, Underground and Underwater.

Underwater project management

We go underwater, and we report back to shareholders/management etc.

We do the underwater photography and reports  on the certain job/contract/ areas needed.

We search and salvage objects that have fallen overboard.

We supply an Occupational Health and Safety report for underwater projects and maintain the admin for you.

We clean up after a project/Contract /Job in harbours etc.

We clean boats, yachts pipes etc.

Underwater surveys and underwater photography

Complete survey of underwater areas

Photographing of needed areas/objects

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